Bush plays WoW. Go Obama!

As a former World of Warcraft dabbler I found this amusing and thought I would squeeze it in the last few hours before a new era begins.

Bush plays wow - animation

(Source unknown, drop a comment if you know)

5 Responses to “Bush plays WoW. Go Obama!”

  1. ^^ says:

    hahahah awesome

  2. russdotson says:

    Sad Incident. Shouldn't have happened.BUT We should also notice the level of Desperation and Hatred in common Iraqis for US Forces and the Commander in Chief.
    Americans should respect the voice of Iraqis and leave them alone to take care of their matters by themselves.
    Imagine if he threw the shoes at Saddam Hussein.
    He'd be marched out the backdoor and shot in the head along with the rest of his family.
    Ironic is not it.


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  3. Grim reaper says:

    LOl, the guy to the right afk XD ,bush a elite boss, good job :D