A New Blog Resolution

I don’t feel too strongly about the concept of new year’s resolutions. People should be willing and able to resolve changes at any time of the year. But here I am starting a blog and it happens to be January of the year 2009.

The idea to begin writing a blog came about from a couple factors. One, I find myself often spending much of my spare time tapping the j-key, aka surfing, in Google Reader.  (Thanks to Scobleizer for that video a few years ago on how to use GR effectively — that moved me off of Sage and I haven’t looked back.)  So if I read lots of blogs, shouldn’t I write one too, for karmic reasons?

The other reason was that I recently moved my website,, from one hosting company ( cheap, good reliability) to another (dreamhost, so far so good). And the new one actually lets you run arbitrary web software! So I finally went and tried some free web software packages including which has published these words you’re reading. 

I’ve basically taken a hiatus from the public web’s eye since 2002 when I stopped working on metapad, my freeware notepad replacement project. Since then I’ve been happily living in Seattle and working at designing and building some very cool website software. But I don’t really intend to talk much about Amazon here…

So, what do I intend to write about on this blog? New technology, software, and design. I might do some re-blogging and link to cool or funny stuff floating around the cyberspace. I also plan to write about media and entertainment like movies, books and the occasional video game. And of course blogging.

Next up? The impending re-design of this very blog.

5 Responses to “A New Blog Resolution”

  1. Sam L says:

    I’ll give you my spiritual support!

  2. Sam L says:

    I’ll give you my spiritual support!

  3. Thanks for the first comment Sam!

  4. Alexander Davidson says:

    Thanks for the first comment Sam!

  5. surfboards says:

    Hey Alex, I liked your blog work, just keep going like this.